About Us

Great Way To Help creates great jobs and great job training for youth and those who are in need and are willing to work for a second chance by creating great self sustainable for-profit businesses and working with great businesses that already exist.  When you support Great Way To Help the resources that you provide are a hand up rather than hand out.

The Great Way To Help is a for-profit business that relies on support from crowdfunding, profits from special events, profits from sales of advertising, profits from sales of products and services and participation in the businesses that Great Way To Help creates in order to fulfill its mission to create good jobs and job training for people who are in need of and willing to work for a second chance as well as at risk youth and people. In particular Great Way To Help seeks to help keep at risk youth from making poor choices in life and help those people who have a criminal record that prevents them from getting good jobs that can help them take care of themselves and their families.

The Great Way To Help is a for-profit business solutions provider that also works in cooperation with existing for-profit businesses and non-profits that help support the goals of Great Way To Help to create profitable, in-demand businesses that lead to the creation of good jobs that are sustainable by being in good businesses.

In most cases great way to help seeks equipment that can be used to build new businesses or augment existing businesses that are willing to put the equipment to use by hiring people who need a second chance.

The Great Way to Help is NOT registered as non-profit for the following reasons:
1. The Great Way To Help is designed to launch businesses that do not need to seek recurring donations to support and sustain themselves and their missions.  Great Way To Help provides a means to create self sustainable profitable solutions where measurable expansions that help create jobs are sustained on a permanent basis through each contribution rather than requiring ongoing donations to sustain the same ongoing rate of results for each project.  In other words, each contribution made to Great Way To Help is meant to cause a step up that results in additional and ongoing profitability that helps more people into the future.

2. The laws governing non-profits are too complex and inflexible and do not easily allow for creation of or interaction with for-profit self sustainable business structures.

3. While Great Way To Help does accept help from volunteers a Great Way To Help seeks to create good paying jobs.