Project “Real Help Now”

The first successful, self sustainable business project started by Great Way To Help last May 2016 is a landscaping business As a result of the success of the first project in this program Great Way is reaching out to you to help the landscaping business reach a critical milestone of acquiring additional equipment necessary to accelerate the number of people who are gainfully employed from the landscaping business project and help the business to grow rapidly.

Currently the business has 1 vehicle and 2 trailers with mowing equipment that are reaching capacity.  By acquiring 2 additional vehicles and 2 trailers with mowing and landscaping equipment management believes that the company will be in a position to generate enough income to self finance further future expansion starting in 2018.

In order to achieve this goal the Great Way To Help is engaging in a crowdfunding campaign, seeking sponsors, selling advertisements and raising funds at events utilizing the portable Revive Oxygen Bar (which is another successful sustainable business project).

In reality there is no second chance without people giving tangible help.  If you would like to help by contributing and planting a seed with us in our unique program, where your contribution today will help a great deal of people today and into the future, then please contribute by (clicking here).