Great Way To Help (.Com) Announces Reality Show & Social Media

PRESS RELEASE: Great Way To Help (.Com) announces the launch of an uplifting and educational Social Media component of a reality show series called “The Great Way,” which is currently being filmed in Pensacola Florida and at other locations in the United States. The pilot of “The Great Way” series is currently scheduled to air later this year and features the life of Eric Majors and his family and other people and their families who are struggling to rebuild their lives and re-integrate into society after a family member is released from prison.

The main character of the show and its host is Eric Majors was an engineer, entrepreneur and investment banker who spent over three years in Federal Prison and who now actively advocates working with existing businesses and actually creates new businesses as a means to create jobs and incomes that are necessary for those people who are released that are genuinely trying and deserve a second chance to rebuild their lives. As part of the program Eric and works with at risk youth to help teach them “how to be men” by providing them with real part time jobs with training in all areas of life. The Great Way series is inspirational and valuable to people whether they have been to prison or not because the show actually gives education and practical advice on life hacks, how to save money, build good integrity and relationships and give details about how to start successful businesses. In addition the show has opportunities to become sponsors and for ordinary people help crowd-fund the creation new businesses that help create lasting jobs for people.

“There are already plenty of reality shows out there some good and some garbage. Great Way is different because the objective is not only to share and entertain people but to educate people, uplift people and help people to overcome adversity and struggles that are faced by ordinary people every day, “ says Eric Majors, the host of the show, “This show is not a glimpse into the lives of the rich and self indulgent. It’s not a contest to see who can be more stupid, outrageous or dangerous. Nobody in this show is here to take pride in their shameful behavior or make up problems in their heads. This is a real show about real people who are working hard to overcome real adversity. This is a show where the only way to survive is to be tough and caring and to take full responsibility for yourself, your past, your present, your future, your family and those around you and where additional mistakes can have catastrophic consequences. I believe that there will be practical advice and real uplifting content for those who subscribe to and share our social media channels that we are launching today. If you want to get a glimpse of the pilot for the show or are interested in becoming a sponsor please subscribe for the social media today for free.”

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